Saturday, 14 August 2010

Welcome to The Drinks Cabinet

We have spent a lot of time in pubs, hotels and bars.  Most feature an array of liquors that no one appears to drink.  Ever.

Have you ever seen any order something with Cinzano Bianco in it?  Have you ever drunk Crème de cassis? What the hell is Advocaat?

The object of this blog is to try to find out more about these three drinks, and more.  We will seek out weird liquids that appear in bars around the world.  We will research their origins.  We will identify ways in which they are drunk.  And we shall attempt to drink them.

We will then blog the results.

Watch this space.


  1. I would be interested to know what you would rate in a Top 10 cocktails.

  2. re: creme de cassis--yes, I have drunk it, once. In fact, it was the first alcohol I ever consumed. A glass was purchased for me when I was 16 by a drunken Frenchman who swore I would find it delicious. I did not. (To be fair, it would be another four years before I could learn to appreciate wine or beer, so I can't vouch that my distaste has anything to do with the creme de cassis, itself.) I'd be delighted to hear your authoritative opinions on the matter.

  3. Crème de cassis and lemonade is the way forward.

    Is Southern Comfort still around? I remember annoying bar staff in Oxford by ordering it with grapefruit juice, but it must be a decade since I had any.

  4. Kir is an excellent drink, which deserves more love.

  5. I have drunk all these things many times. My Mum used to drink Creme de Cassis whenever we went to France on holiday, and would buy it cheap and then drink it at home with lemonade or even mix it with Ribena...
    Kir Royale (creme de cassis and Champagne) is an excellent cocktail drink for summer garden parties.
    Advocaat is an acquired taste, but the mother of a friend of mine from Germany used to drink it in the morning with breakfast...
    It seems that so far all these drinks have in common for me is that they are drunk my middle aged women. Significant perhaps.
    Ditto for Cinzano Bianco which also tends to be drunk by middle aged women, mixed with Lemonade, although admittedly we used to drink this at University, primarily because it was cheap.

  6. Too bad you didn't carry on with this blog. I be drinking straight creme de menth!!!